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Enter a live experience taught by dedicated, seasoned recruitment professionals with hand-on experience and cutting-edge technical skills.


View leading recruiter resources including the AIRS Sourcing Report.
Recruiter Assessment
Recruiter Assessment is a one-hour, Web-based questionnaire given to any recruiter. In just 58 questions, we help you identify talent with the skills and traits you desire, reducing mismatches and turnover. It also analyzes performance areas, helping you improve the overall effectiveness of your recruiting team by syncing up individual strengths and core competencies. 

The AIRS Recruiter Assessment is available at no cost. Please contact a Training Solutions Expert via email or call 800-466-4010 for more details.

How Recruiter Assessment benefits your company
  • Hire better recruiters by effectively identifying talent with the skills and traits you desire.
  • Improve recruiting team performance by targeting training and individual coaching with greater precision.
  • Optimize talent deployment by shifting team member responsibilities to match their strengths and competencies.
  • Reduce turnover due to skills and competency mismatch.
  • A 58-question online test with instantaneous scoring.
  • A detailed report with feedback on the test taker's performance across 16 competencies.
  • Constructive feedback for positive professional development.
  • Access to research on the skills, attributes, and competencies of great recruiters.