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Enter a live experience taught by dedicated, seasoned recruitment professionals with hand-on experience and cutting-edge technical skills.


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Fearless Cold Calling and Contacting
With the right mind-set, relevant hooks and effective work-aids, cold calling and contacting passive candidates can be fun. During this half day interactive workshop, you will learn how to take the fear and apprehension out of cold calling and make your initial communication with candidates more successful than ever before.
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Harness Your Greatest Assets and Optimize Your Referral Program
Talented sourcers and recruiters know that the secret to success is to work as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that recruiters can wave to generate candidates out of thin air. However, there are great resources right under our noses that are often under-utilized. Employees and candidates can be a great asset to generate a long-lasting pipeline of additional candidates. Whether you're looking to implement an employee referral program or revamp your current one, this class will introduce best practices that will help your harness your current resources, engage your employees and optimize your sourcing strategy.

During this two hour session, you will:
• Analyze benefits of referral programs
• Review best practices for developing reward systems for any budget
• Discuss channels to leverage when growing your program
• Identify advertising avenues to increase your brand
• Pinpoint metrics to measure the success of your referral program
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Identifying Top Performers - Performance Based Interviewing for Hiring Managers
A 4-hour course that explores the best of all interviewing practices and the most direct path to more productive hiring.
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Mission Critical Elements for Successfully Writing Job Postings
An impactful description for any job opening is one of the most crucial elements for hiring the best candidates. Today's competitive job landscape requires companies and recruiters to create more imaginative, yet targeted postings; they must to be clear, concise, engaging and relevant. With the continued growth of social media sites and other less traditional advertising resources available today, recruiters must also be expert marketers.

AIRS Mission Critical Elements for Successfully Writing Job Postings will shed light on how to bring job ads out of the Dark Ages and into the present. Learn how to take traditional job postings and develop a final product that will entice qualified candidates to apply for your jobs. This class will demonstrate effective ways to write more creative and meaningful job postings that will attract top talent, and help dissuade unqualified candidates.
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Negotiating and Closing Strategies for Recruiters
Being a great recruiter is not only about finding the best candidates, but also closing the deal. Many recruiters and hiring managers are "trained" on the job, and are left to their own devices to secure the candidate. AIRS Negotiation and Closing Strategies for Recruiters course is designed to provide a strong foundation and innovative strategies for communicating persuasively, overcoming objections and obtaining an agreement on the terms that best fit an organization.
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Performance-Based Interviewing
Interviewing is a skill. This course refines your skills with useful interviewing techniques that help you save time and money by hiring right the first time.
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Professional Recruiter Certification 4.0
AIRS Full-Cycle Recruiting program facilitates learning for every Recruiting and Human Resource professional to think more strategically about the entire hiring process. With an abundance of interactive activities, learn to think critically with our Professional Recruiter Certification program which goes step-by-step through every aspect of recruiting including requisition evaluation, implementing Recruiting Agreements with hiring managers and clients, leveraging tools for pipelining candidates, preparing for cold calls, effective contacting and negotiating methodologies, and then implementing and executing a successful interview process. Recruiting is not just about filling requisitions; it is about hiring the best candidate who will have the most positive impact on the organization. AIRS Professional Recruiter Certification is not only for recruiters but also for all Human Resources professionals looking to make a positive impact in their organization's hiring process. Upon completion of the course, all students are eligible to take the AIRS PRC certification examination approved for HRCI re-certification credits.
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Technically Speaking - Locating and Engaging Technical Talent
Recruiters with a solid understanding of the type of talent they're recruiting tend to be the most successful, however, high-tech requisitions can cause challenges for even the best recruiter. IT and Software Engineering positions are among the most challenging for recruiters especially those without a full understanding of the overall high-tech landscape and associated technical skills and details. Join AIRS to take a deep dive into the world of technical recruiting to gain more knowledge and a better understanding of all things high-tech. Discover cutting-edge tools available to attract talented software engineers and IT professionals. This class will look at the overall landscape of the high-tech industry and help attendees learn to identify industry competitors effectively and efficiently. Attendees will learn to identify transferable skills that many hiring managers don't talk about in an intake call or a job description.
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