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Elite Certified Recruitment Expert (ECRE)
AIRS, the industry leader and only organization to qualify and certify professional recruiters, has raised the bar again by establishing the ultimate certification, the Elite Certified Recruitment Expert, ECRE. This Elite Certification demonstrates a recruiters knowledge of and ability to apply advanced recruiting concepts in; general recruiting principals, social networking, diversity, basic and advanced internet recruiting.
The AIRS Elite Certified Recruitment Expert (ECRE) exam is designed for the accomplished individual recruiter, corporate recruiter; recruiting manager or third party recruiter who has already attained 4 out of the 7 prestigious AIRS certifications (CIR, PRC, CDR, CSSR, CSMR, CMVR and ACIR) and wants to keep their credentials up-to-date and cutting edge.
As an individual or corporate recruiter, achieving the ECRE sets you apart from the competition in this tight marketplace and demonstrates that you have not simply taken a class but that you are up-to-date with and have mastered cutting edge concepts of recruiting. Most recruiting positions today require AIRS certifications and being an Elite Certified Recruitment Expert (ECRE) will position you head and shoulders above the crowd.

As a manager, the ECRE allows you to evaluate your recruiting teams knowledge and proficiency of advanced recruiting concepts, trends and practices and establishes an advanced skill level on the team. Having your entire team Elite Certified helps brand your recruiting team with your customers. The Elite certification assures them your team is among the elite within the recruiting industry - they have the best, most qualified professionals recruiting talent for their organization.

As a third party recruiter, you can stand out from your competition by having all of your recruiters Elite Certified. The Elite Certified Recruitment Expert (ECRE) tells your potential customers that your recruiting team is on the cutting edge and better equipped to quickly fill their difficult to fill positions with the very best talent out there. Requiring all of your recruiters to be Elite Certified, tells your recruiters you are serious about hiring and retaining the best and willing to invest in their professional development. A factor that will become increasingly more important as the market continues to recover and the competition for good recruiters increases.

The AIRS Elite Certified Recruitment Expert (ECRE) is an on-line exam that contains 50 multiple choice questions and 3 essay questions, graded by our team of expert researchers. The exam is designed to evaluate a recruiters overall knowledge in the following areas; diversity, social sourcing, basic and advanced internet sourcing techniques. After successfully passing the exam, you will attain the only certification in the industry that measures your expertise in all of key areas of recruiting.
Please be sure you have attained four out of the seven prestigious certifications (CIR, ACIR, PRC, CSSR, CSMR, CMVR and CDR) - the required prerequisite for ECRE. Then call our sales team at 800-466-4010 to register. Once you've completed the registration process, you will have access to part one of the ECRE exam. This section consists of 50 multiple choice questions and you must correctly answer 40 out of 50 questions to be eligible to sit for Part II of the exam. Section two consists of three essay questions. Once you receive the essay questions you then have 48 hours to complete. Please be sure you are able to complete the essay questions in the time allotted (if you are unable to complete w/in the time allotted you will forfeit the exam). Our expert researchers will grade Part II of the exam and provide you with your score. When you successfully pass both sections of the exam you will attain the only certification in the industry that measures your expertise in all of the key areas of recruiting. You will be an Elite Certified Recruitment Expert.